Oriental Bodywork is distinguished from other massage by it's foundation in the energetic principles and practice of Chinese medicine.  It is one of the three main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with acupuncture and herbs. All three branches utilize the same energetic principles and theories of how the body, mind and spirit function in health and disease. Acupuncture uses needles; herbology uses plants and other materials; bodywork uses touch. All three can benefit health in similar ways, although some conditions and people resonate with one modality more than another.


My approach to bodywork explores the natural way of touch and healing with this amazing human body. Each of the Oriental bodywork techniques can be used for different conditions. Sometimes, a treatment will consist of one style. Most often, a session will consist of a blend of techniques, depending on what is most needed.



I listen to the body, mind and spirit, to guide us as to what most needs attention at the present moment. The body has an inherent wisdom about healing, knowing exactly what is needed and not needed for its natural state of balance and harmony. A bodywork session is a way to listen clearly to that wisdom, following wherever it leads.



Bodywork sessions may also be combined with Chinese herbal consultations.


I practice several different styles of Oriental bodywork:



          Chi Nei Tsang - Chinese internal organ massage


          Tui na –  Chinese medical massage (adult and pediatric)


          Jin Shin Do - acupressure


Follow these links for information about these bodywork styles.



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