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Chinese Pediatric Massage Books


I currently have two books published on Chinese Pediatric Massage:


Chinese Massage For Infants and Children

Chinese Pediatric Massage – Practitioners Reference Manual



Chinese Massage for Infants and Children is for parents. It offers a reference for understanding the energetic qualities of children, point location, massage techniques, and massage plans to support children maintaining good health and bring attention to common conditions.


The book includes 63 points, 9 basic techniques, and 23 massage plans. Click on CMIC Table of Contents for more information.




The Practitioner's Reference Manual is written for practitioners of Chinese medicine and includes information on conditions more often seen in a clinical context. Familiarity with Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and terminology is a pre-requisite for this book. Click on Pract. Guide Table of Contents for more information.




Both books may be ordered from the publisher, Inner Traditions International (, at or any online store, or by special order through your local bookstore.




Chinese Pediatric Massage DVD


I currently have one instructional video on DVD; Chinese Pediatric Massage: Practitioners Guide. It follows the format of the book with sections on assessment, technique practice on a rice bag, techniques on points and a complete colic massage treatment.



Click on the three images to the right to view video clips on: technique practice on a rice bag; techniques on points; and a colic massage.



The cost is $40 + $6 shipping. There is no online ordering or payment process, yet. If you're interested, please give me a call at 503-222-1416.







Introduction to Chinese Pediatric Massage Video

This is a 30 minute overview of CPM with examples of techniques, a colic massage, and interviews with three parents.  Click on the picture below to view video.












Chi Kung Video Clips


Buddha Palm  A 10 min. clip of a chi kung practice taught in Chi Nei Tsang.  It is used as preparation before doing bodywork as a way to activate and energize all meridians, especially bringing chi to the hands.  Click on the picture below to view video.












Tai Chi Chi Kung I Review Video



This video is a review for students who have already taken the Tai Chi Chi Kung I class.  It is not an instructional video to learn the form.  Taped on Strawberry Mountain in Eastern Oregon , Summer 2014, it is 25 minutes long with segments on: complete form; first 90 degrees; close ups of footwork; opening, halfway & ending movements; arrow & bow walking review.  View sample clips by clicking on the image below.  Digital (mp4) copy: $10

















I plan to transfer some other video tapes to DVD and make them available in the future. As this website develops, I'll also post some video clips here.




Books in Process


I have several other books in process that will be available to read and/or purchase through this website.




Lao Tzu's Court. This book is about learning Taoist meditation and chi kung practices in a Western culture. It does not teach techniques or theory, rather it explores the learning process I have experienced personally and by instructing others. These are stories and experiences that highlight the process of learning, rather than the techniques or steps of learning.



The process of transplanting a tradition from one culture to another requires more than literary translation.  A cultural translation must also occur.  We can see this clearly in the practice of Chinese medicine, which has also gone through this cultural translation process as it has gained popularity in the West.



Taoism offers us an impressive history of exploring the natural way of all things.  While it comes to us rooted in the Chinese tradition, it is not limited to only that culture.


Drafts of several chapters can be found in Writing Archives.




Beyond Technique: Healing, Bodywork & Approach. This book is about bodywork and how we can move beyond the details of technique to explore the larger healing process.  There is an inherent wisdom within the holistic body/mind/spirit that knows exactly what is needed and how to heal any situation.



Often our medical oriented training in techniques can ignore, or worse, interfere with this natural internal healing process.  Exploring beyond technique can bring insight into this natural process and how our approach to healing work influences what happens.




Mystic Kayak: A Taoist Wanders the River. There are many ways and reasons to kayak.  Some people are drawn to whitewater rapids with challenges and speed.  Some are drawn to long touring ocean journeys.  Others focus on exercise or racing.  In younger years, I was drawn to each of these adventures.  Now, I hear a different calling.  It is a call of the spirit: mine, the river, the birds, the fish.  It is a call of nature spirit, the earth.  I hear it so loudly it wakes me at 3am and says: Go.  I go.



This book in process explores the natural merging of Taoist mystic, kayak and river. It is about the spiritual, healing, inner journeys and lessons learned while in the boat, on the river.  It follows in the tradition of many Taoists who wander.  Not, wandering lost, but wandering as in joyful exploration of the natural world and everything it has to teach us about the Tao - the natural way of all things.



Click on Yes to read about an adventure that birthed this writing.




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