Class Schedule


Class Sequence


There is a general sequence to the yearly Monday night class schedule:


January –  Six Healing Sounds

February – Inner Smile

March – Iron Shirt

April - Tai Chi Chi Kung

May – Six Healing Sounds

June – Inner Smile

July – Iron Shirt

August - Tai Chi Chi Kung

September - Six Healing Sounds

October – Inner Smile

November – Iron Shirt

December – Tai Chi Chi Kung


The first class of each subject may be taken as a free introduction.


These are the basic chi kung/meditation practices.  When there is enough people who have taken the basic practices, other classes will be offered, such as Microcosmic Orbit, Fusion, Tao Yin, Healing Love and Kan & Li.


Chi Nei Tsang is a 3 hr./10 week class offered outside of this schedule when enough people express an interest.


I periodically offer other classes in addition to this general framework. Consult the Current Class Schedule for details.


Reviewing a Class


These classes are not like a typical school curriculum.  Taking a class one time does not necessarily mean everything has been learned deeply. These subjects are more like an evolving process, where reviewing a class can deepen our understanding each time.


I've taken and taught these subjects many dozens of times. I learn something each time. We all learn together.


To encourage this reviewing process, the class fee is 50% off.



Private Instruction


If the class schedule is not convenient, private instruction can be arranged.


Equinox and Solstice Meditations


There is a meditation gathering on each winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and fall equinox. It tends to be on a Sunday within a few days of the exact date.


These are times when we sit together and connect with the transitions of the seasonal energy. This helps to be in harmony with energetic transformations of our environment, the earth, the sky and how these influence our bodies and our lives.


Check the Current Class Schedule for dates and times.




Newsletter Schedule


I send out a newsletter, The Well, three times a year with the upcoming season's class schedule. If you'd like to receive this by email, please call 541-575-1011 or use the contact form at The Well Mailing List to send me your address.


The current Well may be found on the Writing Archives page.


Click on Current Class Schedule for this season's classes.





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