In addition to clinical services and treatment, I also provide consultations on feng shui, dietary therapy and personal chi profiles.



Feng Shui - is about the energy of place; particularly homes and businesses. A consultation provides an energetic chart to assist with design and room usage.  Cost: $60/hr.  A general evaluation usually takes one hour; a more comprehensive evaluation could take 2-3 hours depending on details of the site. Click on Background for more information about this style of feng shui.



Dietary Therapy - utilizes food to help achieve an energetic balance in the body.  A consultation will provide individual information on how food may be used more positively for your health. Consultation charge based on $60/hr.



Personal Chi Profile - looks at the energetics of your birth time for general health and personality patterns.  May also be used to compare with the energetics of specific years, months, or days.  Eight page printed report is $30.  Personal consultation based on $60/hr.  Click on Background for more information.




The common theme of these consultations is a continual exploration of the energetics of our lives, these bodies we inhabit and the energetic influences all around us: place, food, cycles of time.


Sometimes we are drawn to explore one area or another based on interest, or some intuitive guidance that is needed in the moment. Listening, learning, exploring and following whatever arises is a natural response.




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