with Kyle Cline, LMT          

In addition to clinical treatment and services, I also provide consultations in a variety of areas such as:

                nutrition & diet


                stress management


Any health situation could be addressed during a consultation: musculoskeletal, digestion, menstrual, menopause, sleep, emotions, injuries, recovery from surgery or chronic illness. A consultation could also be about an overview of health history.

I enjoy talking with people about how they can create their own self care strategy and/or develop a complimentary combination of treatment approaches to a health condition. Our current health care system, whether conventional or alternative, often becomes highly specialized and technical.  This has many advantages and can also lose sight of the whole body, mind, spirit of the individual. A consultation can be a way of reviewing several different treatment approaches in wholistic terms. 

Feel free to call to see if a consultation might be appropriate.

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