Kyle Cline, LMT   #1882

368 NW Charolais Hts.

John Day,  OR 97845



Location details and directions for appointments and classes can be found on the Directions page.



The best method of contact is by phone. I know it is old school and dated; however, I spend very little time each week at the computer. Most of my day involves seeing people individually or in class. Otherwise, I am outside doing tai chi, bicycling  or kayaking on the John Day River. Often, the computer isn't turned on for days at a time, gasp!



I much prefer having a conversation with people, where there are follow-up questions and a chance to have an exchange of information.



This comment form is not appropriate for scheduling or changing appointments, nor questions or feedback on herbal therapy. Please call. Also, I do not do consultations by e-mail.



E-mail is fine for general questions that do not require an immediate response. Replies may take a few days. Anything of a more timely nature should be done by phone.


Thank you!








































Payments for my services can now be made online by credit card or Paypal.  Click on the 'Pay Now' button below to go to my page on Paypal.  Enter the amount and include what it is for in the Comments section.  Clicking on 'Don't have Paypal account' will take you to a screen for credit card payment.


Please note that I pay approximately 3% for this service.  I would appreciate if you can include that in your payment.


If you have a Paypal account, you can transfer directly to my account without the 3% processing fee by going to this link:


Contact me for my account information.


If you have any questions before using this, please call 541-575-1011 or email.








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