Frequently Asked Questions



This page has frequently asked questions divided into three categories: General, Classes, and Clinic Services.  Click on the question to go to a separate page with replies.  Click the Return to FAQ's link to return here.






Why do you have a website, yet discourage e-mailing for appointments, consultations, etc.?


Why does it take so long to get a reply via the comment form?


Will there be updates or other information available on your website?


Do you send out e-mail notifications or updated information?


Can you refer me to someone in another city who does similar work?





When does the next introductory chi kung class begin?


What's the difference between chi kung and meditation?


How do I sign up for classes?


Are there prerequisites for chi kung classes?


Do you teach chi kung and meditation in private sessions?


Do you offer weekend workshops?


How many people are in the chi kung classes?


Where are classes held?


Do I need to wear any certain clothes or bring a meditation cushion to class?


What if I attend the first class of the microcosmic orbit and don't like it? Can I get a refund?


Is it okay to miss one or more classes in the series?


Do I have to take all the classes in the order on the yearly schedule?



Clinic Services


Why don't you accept insurance payments? My other massage therapist does.


Are you a preferred provider on any insurance plans?


Can I get bodywork and herbs at the same appointment?


Do I have to brew the Chinese herbs into tea?


Do the herbs taste bad? 


Is a consultation required for each time I need herbs?


What if I don't use a whole hour for a consultation, how much does it cost?


Can you fix my painful knee?


Do you take evening or weekend appointments?


How long do I need to take Chinese herbs to be effective?


Is abdominal or organ massage painful?


Do you give full body massage?


Do you teach Chinese pediatric massage to parents or practitioners?


How frequently should I schedule bodywork sessions?


How far in advance do I need to call to schedule an appointment?


I have a discretionary account to pay for health care not covered by insurance. Do your services qualify?



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