Living in paradise brings gratitude. Here are some images of my current gratitude.


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Winter 2015



On Grande Ronde Lake near Anthony Lakes Ski Resort, Baker City, ORis this turned on?the road toward Anthony Lakes in the Elkhorn Mtns.great downhill runStrawberry Mtn. range near Prairie Citysigh.............Strawberry Mtn. RangeStrawberry Mtn. range1 - 8<>





Spring 2015




Three new friendsguardian of front doorlearning to dig with a backhoeearly morning mists on canyon my new best friend:  Bob CatUnderground greenhouse dug into south facing slopefrom weeds & juniper shrubsto rock garden7 - 7<>









Wildfires Summer 2015




first blow up of canyon creek complex firethose are not cloudslittle canyon mtn.outside my windowsix weeks into the firefire races east toward prairie citysecond big blow upalso, not cloudsfrom my decklooking eastalong canyon mtn. trailwhat firefighters face at night12 - 12<>



Fall 2015




























 Winter 2016





Windfall creek meadow west of Starr Ridgesnow  sun  skis...............Along the 371rd on Windfall CreekDeep November snow in the mountainsOld railroad grade through Logan ValleyNovember sunshine on the 070 old railroad grade in Logan Valleylooking north from Logan Valley to Strawberry Mountain1 - 7<>









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