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This webpage provides access to two creative paths in my journey: Chinese Medicine & Photography. At first, these may not seem to be related. I'm very curious about exploring the similar creative process that nourishes both.

Part of that creative process involves following the natural way of things. In China, this is referred to as Tao. This website, Simply Tao, reflects this process: simply the natural way of things.

Healing through Chinese medicine provides a path for exploring the natural way of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. Photographic images provide a way of finding the natural beauty in the panoramic landscapes of this region.  

This Chinese Medicine Link, will take you to information about my clinic services in John Day, Oregon.

This Simply Nature Portfolio link, will take you to a collection of photographic images from backcountry Oregon. Another link, Simply Nature Blog, is a companion site with words to go with the images. It provides background on each photo and viewer's comments.

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