Jin Shin Do

Jin Shin Do




Jin Shin Do (pronounced gin shin doe) is a Japanese acupressure style of bodywork. It is somewhat similar to acupuncture without the needles. Pairs of points along meridians are held in sequence that facilitates release of tension and promotes  energetic flow and balance. Points are selected based on the condition and assessment, utilizing the same energetic meridian systems used in acupuncture.



Compared to other modalities, like tui na, Jin Shin Do is a more yin approach – quiet, soft, still. Gentle, sustained pressure is used to connect with the point, meridian and energy in order to listen and follow whatever arises.



This can be a good method to facilitate exploration of body sensations and experiences. It can be useful to process emotional aspects that tend to be stored in the body or related to specific conditions or experiences.



My approach to using Jin Shin Do is to make simple and gentle contact with specific points and allow the natural wisdom of the body ,mind and spirit to do whatever it needs. How this manifests can vary with each person and also with each session.



For an example of this process, click on How Healing Happens.


More information on Jin Shin Do can be found on the Resources page.



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