We all live in paradise, we just might not recognize it in the moment.


Here are some images of my current paradise.  Click on the < & > to view the slide show.



John Day Valley Paradise



my house in john day, paradisemy house in john day, paradise2my house in john day, southsidelooking south into valleymy excuse for not getting anything done todaymy excuse for not getting anything done tonightsometimes there are wildfires in your neighborhoodon a hike up to Strawberry LakeStrawberry Lakeabove Strawberry LakePainted Hills in John Day Fossil Beds11 - 11<>





River Paradise




North Fork, John Day river, Kimberly, ORMainstem, John Day River,   Spray, OR John Day River, Service Creek, OR North Fork, John Day River, Monument, ORPulling out in Kimberly, ORRock monks & riverRiver guardiansCanyon ridge overlooking North Fork, John Day RiverNorth Fork, John Day River, kayak level viewNorth Fork, John Day River,  camping at the riverNorth Fork, John Day River, east of Dale, ORNorth Fork, John Day RiverRoss Island sunrise, Willamette RiverRoss Island tree spirit, Willamette RiverSummer dawn, Willamette River7 - 10<>













Fellow Beings in Paradise




Two  bald eagles enjoying paradise2013 Grant County Health FairChicken Soup Herbs at Kam Wah ChungServing Yin Chiao Chinese Herb tea for colds at Kam Wah ChungThree FriendsQuail in the front yardTown deer in the backyardJudith, Terry & me at Strawberry LakeWinged guest on the deckOsprey nest on the North Fork, John Day River7 - 7<>



Getting Around in Paradise






Kayak Transportation SystemKayak Transportation with bike on backWhen you don't have a carOn the Columbia SloughWhen it's cold3 - 5<>








A Day in Paradise,

Full Moon, July 12, 2014









































 Summer in the Desert Mountains





John Day River Valleycanyon mountain trailStrawberry Lake on the mountainscree above little strawberry lakewater in the summer desertAbove waterfallWaterfall on Strawberry Mountain1 - 7<>













Strawberry Mountain Waterfall Video

click on picture below

































Winter Paradise 2015




           winter dawn canyon mtn.mystic kayaker discovers snowgoes prepared for any circumstancenew shed roof over woodpile - happiness is dry firewoodtibetan prayer flags in the garden  first deep snow on canyon mtn.  guardian of the front doorfu deerfull moon over river valley2 - 12<>



Winter Mountain Clouds Video

January 2015

looking out my window while doing bodywork



click on picture to play video


(if your browser doesn't play the video, you may view or download it from here:

  Download Winter Mountain Clouds )





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