Below are links to various resources related to the information presented on this website. They are loosely categorized into: Chinese Medicine, Chi Kung, Meditation, Healer Friends, Artist Friends, and Writing.




Chinese Medicine


Oregon College of Oriental Medicine -  professional training in Chinese medicine -  acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, and chi kung - in downtown Portland. They have some classes for the general public and a supervised student clinic with sliding scale fees.




National College of Naturopathic Medicine - professional training in naturopathy and a program in Chinese medicine including acupuncture and herbs. There are some classes for the general public and a supervised student clinic.




Blue Poppy - publisher and distributor of books and educational materials primarily aimed at practitioners, there are some useful resources for the general public.






Institute for Traditional Medicine - Portland manufacturer and distributor of Chinese herbal products created by Subhuti Dharmananda. This website has an extensive number of articles, mainly for practitioners, but many are suitable for the general public. They provide a nationwide referral list of practitioners who use their products.



ITM offers sliding scale acupuncture and herbal treatment through their Immune Enhancement Project, primarily for patients with cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke recovery, chronic pain, and HIV infection.




Mayway - Importer, manufacturer and distributor of Chinese herbal products, primarily geared toward practitioners.






Chi Nei Tsang:


    Universal Tao - Mantak Chia's website includes a worldwide practitioners and instructors referral list. There are also listings of classes and Master Chia's tour schedule.





    Chi Nei Tsang Institute - Founded by Gilles Marin in Oakland, California, offers extended professional training in Chi Nei Tsang. This site also includes a referral list of practitioners and instructors.



Chi Nei Tsang Center  - founded by Andrew Clauer, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He is a practiioner and teacher, whose site has a referral list of practitoners.



Portland Area Chi Nei Tsang Practitioners:


Saumya Comer, LMT  503-226-6822

Barbara Loomis, LMT  503-341-0663

Daniel Espiritu, L.Ac.  503-866-3706

Patricia Norris, LMT   503-235-5086

Andy Hahn, LMT   503-915-6334

Stephen Schlepifer, L.Ac.  503-735-7442



Jin Shin Do Foundation - An acupressure bodywork style founded by Iona Teegarden, the site includes a referral list for certified practitioners and instructors.





Chi Kung


Universal Tao (Healing Tao) - Mantak Chia is the founder of this Taoist chi kung and  meditation system. This website presents information related to class subjects, books, videos, workshops and the process of certification as practitioner and instructor. There are worldwide practitioner and instructor referral lists.


 Mantak Chia's books may also be found at his US publisher: Inner Traditions International.





Healing Tao Instructors Association - an organization of certified instructors in North America from the Universal Tao (Healing Tao). The site includes a nationwide certified instructors referral list.





Pacific Tao Video - distributor of videos for Mantak Chia and the Universal Tao system. Comprehensive collection of class and instructional material about chi kung and meditation.




Michael Winn - long term student of Mantak Chia, senior instructor, author of books and articles on chi king, and Taoism.  He organizes chi kung trips to China and has a two month summer retreat program in North Carolina.





Juan Li - lifelong student of Taoism, senior Healing Tao instructor, author.  He teaches extensively, primarily in Europe.





Master Li - principal teacher of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong; travels and teaches extensively worldwide.






B.K. Frantzis- Taoist author and teacher of tai chi and meditation; teaches internationally and has a referral list of certified instructors.




Ken Cohen - deeply immersed in traditional Taoist and Native American energetic practices focused on nature and healing.  He is a respected author and teacher.




Eva Wong - is the 19th-generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism (Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School of Taoism) and 3rd-generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of Yiquan martial arts and Zhangzhuan (standing qigong). She is the author and translator of 12 books on the Taoist arts of health, meditation & qigong.




Lily Siou - started Taoist training at age 6, she created a school unique in the country that has been dedicated for forty years to training students in traditional Taoist healing arts, acupuncture, Chi Kung, and herbal medicine







Tara Brach - Vipassna teacher, therapist and author of Radical Acceptance. There are several CDs related to the book on this website.




Toni Packer - Author of four books including The Work of this Moment and Wonder of Presence. Expanding from a Zen tradition, Packer explores a different approach to meditation relying less on practice and traditions and more on natural curiosity and exploring each moment as it arises and unfolds.





Healer Friends


Rick DeTroye, L. Ac. - Acupuncturist and herbalist, NE 20th and Sandy. Rick is experienced, kind and caring. The best recommendation I can give is that I trust him to provide the same high quality care as I do for my herbal clients when I'm on retreat.




Barbara Loomis, LMT, E. Burnside & 17th - Barbara practices several styles of bodywork including Chi Nei Tsang and Mayan abdominal massage. She has very strong intuitive skills which flow easily through her bodywork practice.




Mary Scott, ND, LAc., SE  50th & Hawthorne - Mary integrates the benefits of the Western, science-based naturopathic tradition with the Eastern systems of acupuncture and herbs. These superb clinical skills are only surpassed by her genuine compassion for each person she sees.  503-232-4047




Schaefer Chiropractic, SE Hawthorne & 45th

 Tony Schaefer, DC. chiropractic care and cranial sacral work combined with a strong intuitive guidance. Tony has great hands and a great heart.

Charles Wilke, L. Ac., master acupuncturist and martial artist.

Jessica Barber, LMT, bodywork with a strong, natural intuitive quality.



Saumya Comer, LMT, NW 23rd -  practices several bodywork styles including Chi Nei Tsang and body movement therapy. She is a certified senior instructor in the Healing Tao system, teaching in Portland and France. 503-226-6822



Suzanne Rollow, Sellwood - intuitive consultations with an easy-going humor and light-heartedness that flows through sessions like being in deep meditation. 503-236-4516



Patrice Morency, LMT - bodywork and sound healing. Patrice helps facilitate individual and group healing through sacred sound interacting with body, mind and spirit.



Don Francisco - Peruvian shaman. Lives in a small village high in the Andes. Recently called to come down from the mountain and share his tradition and wisdom in the world. Continually reminds us to connect with the earth. www.sacredpathways



Karen Sprute-Francovich, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - bodyworker, yoga and meditation teacher. Facilitates individual and group healing in simple, powerful ways.




Elizabeth Barlow, Tulsa, Oklahoma - bodyworker, yoga instructor, Elizabeth brings a large and caring heart to each person, each class, each thing that she does.





Paula Smith, DC, Vancouver, WA - does not use traditional chiropractic adjustments, instead working in subtle and gentle ways guided by her heart and intuition.  (360) 992-3333



Coease Scott, DC, NE Prescott & 29th - focuses on the more subtle qualities of cranial sacral work and how that can be accessed to support healing of body, mind and spirit.  503-287-8579



Patricia Norris, LMT, NE 28th & Sandy - long time Zen practitioner and teacher brings body centered awareness to bodywork, orthopedic massage and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) to promote speedy injury recovery and neuromuscular rebalancing for acute and chronic muscular conditions.





Artist Friends


Scott Johnson - Portland watercolorist of small and large works portraying nature through subtle shades of blending colors. Scott also teaches classes and has numerous shows and galleries in Portland and Cannon Beach which can be accessed through his website.





Collin Prasch - Creations made by Collin Prasch of Singing Leaf exhibit her deep connection with nature. Gathered botanicals are used as both raw material and inspiration in her unique leaf collages and dramatic photo art.  The simplicity of her designs displays a zen-like harmony of form and space, which allows the natural beauty of the leaf to 'sing'. Artwork includes large and small framed prints, handcrafted cards, and calendars.






Theresa Weil - mixed-media artist and teacher, her art and classes inspire our creative spirit. Theresa is skilled in supporting each person to find their own natural, creative expression. Upcoming classes are listed on her website:





Kim Osgood - monotype printmaker, her vibrant and colorful prints highlight common aspects of daily life: flowering branches, fruits, vases, birds with a sense of natural flow and rhythm. Co-owner of Paloma Clothing, her works can be seen there and through her galleries and website.





Craig Bidondo - Portland jazz musician, teacher and composer. Craig's many talents integrate into his music, performance and teaching by nourishing those creative qualities in others.





Angie Martroranova - graphic designer and eclectic artist, she works with color drawings, black and white ink drawings, and found materials.







John Early -  at heart eclectic, color loving, a make by hand artist who believes in the redeeming value of beauty in our homes, communities and lives.  Works in a variety of forms from murals to printmaking.







Marilyn Joyce - incorporates drawing, painting, book arts and installation based work.  Her focus on the natural world, provides a framework for her on-going exploration revolving around the environment and the intersection with our contemporary lives.





Rumi - Inspiring poetry from a 13th-century mystic Sufi, as relevant today as when it was written, partially due to the inspired translation by Coleman Barks.





Fourth Uncle in the Mountain - by Quang Van Nguyen.  An inspiring individual story about the author who is orphaned and raised during the Vietnam War. Through his own personal experiences we learn much about the history of Chinese medicine, herbs, acupuncture, traditional Vietnamese culture and healing, martial arts, meditation, chi kung and Buddhism.




Radical Acceptance - by Tara Brach. A simple, easy introduction to the power of genuine acceptance in our daily lives. Many individual stories that clearly convey the process of how this works. This book simply describes basic Vipassna and Buddhist practices and meditations.




Chinese Poetry:


David Hinton - translations of major Chinese poets, with an emphasis on nature, environment, and ecology. A great collection for an overview: Mountain Home: The Wilderness Poetry of Ancient China.





Red Pine (Bill Porter) -  translator and interpreter of Chinese texts, primarily Taoist and Buddhist, including poetry and Sūtras.  A wonderful example: The Zen Works of









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