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Wild Horses


With the winter ski season over, I've shifted taking photos to wild horses and their colts in springtime.  Click on Wild Horses for photos from Murderers Creek, Palamino Butte & South Steens Mtn.





This summer I bought a new full frame dslr camera (Pentax K1, for the camera folks).

I've been learning to use it, mainly for landscapes, snow, night and star shots.


I hear a calling to bring photos back from some of the amazing places and various adventures that are happening here.


I call this series unplugged because getting out into nature provides that for me, for us.


These photos do not fit well into the slide show format below.  They are best viewed at full screen.


With some more fine tuning, photos like these may, one day, become large size framed prints.


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Below are some images from the Wonder of 2016.

Click on the < & > to view the slide show.





Greenhouse Building



underground greenhouseunderground rock walls with support beamsfirst layer adobe plasternorth metal roof with opaque panelswindow framingtough guy with jackhammerbig boulder right in doorwaynorth metal roof with first snowcanyon mtn. in backgroundsouth facing windows1 - 8<>





Wildlife & Wildflowers



mtn. wildflowerwild horses along murderers creeksage pollinating friendsonion bulbhigh desert succulenthigh desert succulenthigh desert succulent mountain wildflower field wild mare with colts    1 - 17<>














Ski trail up to Summit Rockfront yard in fallSouth Fork John Day RiverGraham Mtn. - south faceCanyon Mtns. - south siderock & snowsnowshoeing in painted hills2 - 7<>







High Desert



Clarno Fossil Beds Clarno Fossil BedsClarno Fossil BedsClarno Fossil BedsPainted Hills under snowJohn Day River near Twickingham1 - 7<>







Winter Fun


finding the deep snowfa la la la la............ at 6000'me & my new rig in the high country snowfrosty the ski bumon the really cold daysquiet...really quietbreaking trail on fresh powdertree-friend shelter during snow stormheavy snow laden treeshog creekdowny woodpeckervinegar hill - looking north toward sumptercastle rock - looking east toward unitystrawberry mtn.strawberry mtn. - south sidecanyon mtn. - south sidestrawberry mtn. range - south side5 - 17<>
















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