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On this page are links to various written works. There are handouts about herbs and other clinical information. There are also articles on various topics from newsletters published over the years. 

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Healing, Chinese Medicine, Meditation, Life's Journey

The process of building soil in the garden can be a useful analogy for building earth energy in body, mind & spirit.

The wood stove is a great teacher for tending the fire. Insights gleaned can also be applied to the internal fire of body, mind & spirit.

Exploring the various energies of home, what it means in place, what it means in the body.

Observing the benefits & value of circulation in nature provides insight to healing & supporting body, mind & spirit.

Sometimes life presents intensity & high drama. In moments like these, the ability to connect with a deep sense of balance, harmony can allow a natural response to whatever arises in the moment, like wildfires.

Allowing ourselves to feel the healing energy found when playing in nature's realm.

Core strength may be cultivated by physical exercises, meditation (breathing), herbs & more.

Explores the natural cycles of change through seasonal transitions, specifically, summer to fall.

Offers a range of ways to approach liver cleansing and detoxification.

Observing the influences thoughts, ideas, images and expectations have on our daily reality.

Exploring the shadow, unseen aspects of prevention sheds light on how fear and control undermines natural healing capacity.

Curiosity arises as things seem a little...different. Work, sleeping, diet, physical activity all have a little something else going on.


How a short, simple word may influence our lives when the unpredictable and unforeseen and even unwanted arises.

An exploration of a personal approach to words and the writing process from a Taoist perspective.

A father's deep dementia, dying, and the grieving process birth a simple phrase, healing and poetry.

Seasonal transitions may be great teachers of the natural way of things, if we are listening.

Two perspectives, client and practitioner, of a natural healing process unfolding.

A review of 25 years of Oriental bodywork experience, how it started, and how it has evolved over time.

Expanding the scope of the meaning of continuing education for healers, healing, living and dying.

How the energy of worry can contribute to the onset of flu and dis-ease.

The calling of nature, right outside our back door, is an invitation to become a part of the summer courtyard.

Rather than avoidance or pushing it away, acceptance of the common cold and it's process can be very insightful.

Can the benefits of meditation be applied to, found within the chaotic process of moving our home?

What are these 'personal retreats,' and what happens, why bother?

The more simple life is, the more time to live it.

Often braced against, can we tune into and listen to the energetic qualities of winter to learn about the natural way of things?

 How does our approach to using Chinese herbs influence their use, the healing process and possibly their effectiveness.

 Learning how Chinese herbs and their usage may provide options for dealing with typical colds and flus.

The energetic qualities of clutter and how it can impact our physical and internal environment.

The benefits of a daily practice are promoted by many meditation, exercise and self care systems. How can we go about allowing the natural expression of a daily practice in our busy lives?

A simple approach to the sometimes confusing energetic concepts of Chinese medicine.

Simple and common sense ways to relate to bird flu viruses and the fear of epidemics.

The value of a pause in our lives and the qualities that make it a sacred moment.

Three favorite books exploring aspects of meditation from different traditions: Vipassna, Zen, and Taoism.

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